Top 10 Best Landing Page Practices With Examples in 2024

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Written by Alexander Ang

Last updated June 22 , 2024


Today, I will walk you through best practices for optimizing your landing page in 2024.

In fact, these simple tactics have reduced 35.1% of our company's cost per result this year:

cost reduce 35.1

So, if you're creating a landing page to generate more leads or using it for paid ads, you'll love these simple guides.

Let's get started.

1. Start with a "Benefit or Problem Driven" headline

Landing page -Engaging Headline Example
  • The headline should focus on this offer's benefits, features, and goals.

  • You should only use one sentence, targeting one audience group with one outcome.

  • Here are some other examples:
    EG 1: How to achieve "X" (Goal/Outcome) using "Y" (Product)
    EG 2: Reduce "X" (Problem) even if you're at the age of "Y" (audience)

2. Use a supporting headline after main headline

Landing Page - Supporting Headline Example
  • Supporting headlines help enhance the message of your main headline.

  • The font size should be smaller than the main headline.

  • You should use a different color than the main headline to visually showcase the differences.

3. Add A "Top Bar" or "Announcement Bar"

Top CTA Bar Screenshot Example
  • This top bar is designed to quickly grab attention right from the start.

  • It should be short, with a direct message about what offer or promo is available to the visitors.

  • This type of bar is powerful because it is designed to be noticeable without being intrusive, making it effective for conveying important messages or offers.

4. Use Real-Time Social Proof

Social Proof Example by Provely
  • You may have seen this a lot when checking out hotel deals on these travel sites.

  • Is the data real? The answer is "Yes" and "No.

  • Yes, if the social proof data was tracked and previous user interaction was recorded and showcased on your landing page.

  • No, if you don't have any data collected yet, so sometimes people will use the dummy data and replace it with the real one once there's enough.

5. Use Point Forms To Summarize Your Offer

Summarizing Your offer with bullet Points Example
  • Users want to know what this offer is about in the shortest time possible.

  • Therefore, bullet points or numbering point forms will help structure and organize the information on the landing page more clearly.

  • You should add these point forms at the beginning of a hero section of the landing page, at the "what will you get" section, and the recap section of your landing page.

6. Use Countdown Timer

Countdown Timer Example
  • A countdown timer creates a sense of urgency and scarcity in your offer to get people to take action quickly.

  • Make the countdown timer sticky through the "announcement bar" or include at the top of the landing page.

  • Set the timer from 10 minutes to 72 hours, depending on the campaign duration.

  • You would also have to decide what happens after the countdown ends. Do you want to hide the timer, redirect to another page, or do nothing when it is 0 seconds?

7. Include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at the bottom

FAQ Section Example
  • You should only include FAQ with the most pressing questions under the section.

  • Some marketer will use it to recap and summarize the offer in one sentence of their FAQs. (Example below).

  • The goal of having a FAQ is to address your visitors' doubts and concerns.

  • Add at least 5 pressing questions your visitors would want about this offer.

  • Make your answer concise and straightforward.

  • Examples of FAQs include
    a. What is this offer about?
    b. How is your course different than the others. 
    c. Would there be any upsell or upgrade for this program.
    d. Why is this offer so expensive?
    e. How valuable is this certificate?
    f. What can I expect after attending this class?
    g. How can I cancel the membership?

8. Add Your "Guarantee"

Money Back Guarantee Example
  • Use guarantees to instill confidence in your visitors' hearts.

  • Your guarantee should be a "no loss" to them, and if possible, all guarantees should be quantifiable.

  • Examples of guarantees include:
    a. Money back guaranteed
    b. Results guaranteed
    c. Lowest price guaranteed
    d. Performance guaranteed
    e. 24/7 support guaranteed
    f. Lifetime guaranteed

9. Include a "what to expect" section

What to expect example
  • Inform in advance "what to expect" after they've signed up.

  • This section increases transparency by giving as much information as possible.

  • Use this to help your users understand and make it as straightforward as possible so that they can make better decisions.

  • The "What to Expect" section should be in point forms, with steps involved; remember to simplify the steps!

10. Show results screenshots

Results Screenshot Example
  • The result speaks louder than words, as simple as that.

  • It showcases your expertise and establishes your authority.

  • Important note: Don't just attach with raw screenshots!

  • Make sure to highlight your result with "Arrows and "Blurred sensitive information" and use frames to highlight important areas within the Screenshot.

Your Turn

That's it for this landing page best practices. I will continue to add more tips in the coming months.

Do you have any questions on these practices?

Or perhaps you have some cool tips that I didn't include here.

What other best practices do you think should be added here?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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