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Build High Impact Websites to Market Your Products and Services

No matter what you're selling, creating a website that looks great and is designed for marketing is what matters. 

A beautifully crafted website is like having a 24/7 marketing person to get your message out there to the world, 365 days non-stop.

Plus, creating a high-converting website does not have to be costly.

Now you can have a professional designed website to showcase your brand and a website that is optimised in performance to grow your business.

Digital Marketing Landing Page

High Impact Landing and Sales Pages To Market Your Products and Services

Build your list of leads and subscribers

Build Your list of Leads And Subscribers With High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages (or opt-in pages) are one of the best way to build your list fast.  

Use them to offer your target audience a free gift for example; a consultation, ebook, sample or checklist, and collect their name, contact number, location and email in return.

You can also use landing pages to validate your idea, integrate them as part of your marketing and sales funnel, use it in your website, social media and many more.

Sales Funnel And Automation

Turn Leads Into New Customers Into Repeat Customers

We build email marketing, marketing automation and CRM tools which you need to create great customer engagement and experiences.

You can use this as a funnel to store your database, set marketing automation to guide your prospects through an optimised conversion process and get more leads and sales as a result.

Not only you have an organise and automated sales funnel, you'll also be able to use this information for re-targeting purposes, connecting and building deep relationships with your customers and turning them into your repeat customers.

Sales Automation Sales Funnel

What's Included:

Attractive email marketing is only the beginning. 

Send newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests. Make every campaign you send feel personal.

Worked With More Than 30+ Brands

DIgital Marketing Getalex Alexander Ang

Our Frequently Asked Questions 

Answering your common questions

Why You? Why Not Others?

This is a very good question and I get that all the time. 🙂

First, I have a highly qualified team behind the backbone of this enterprise.  

These people are all chosen and selected by myself to ensure we give the highest quality and output for our clients. 

We have an award winning and ex-magazine writer, master practitioner in NLP with advertising background, creative millenials with minimum of 3 years of diverse experience in the area of marketing and advertising. 

So your projects are in good hands. 

Second, when you work with some of the agency out there, there are details that you need to pay attention to, including the competency of the marketing person who runs your promotional campaign from the back-end. 

Third, most of the time you're dealing with the sales representative, not an entrepreneur who are a marketer like myself to connect and dive deep with you, analysing your business, marketing and sales funnel as a whole. 

Also, you'll need to know how to interpret the results after the campaign, they'll show you a report, but not everyone knows what it means, how to turn data into information and recommendation for your next marketing decision.

Do You Offer Coaching, Consulting And Training?

Yes! I'm a certified HRDF trainer and a certified NLP practitioner. 

In fact, training and coaching are my passion since the beginning of 2013, to impact more individual and business owner, to improve their competency in the area of digital marketing.

I love sharing what I do, my mistakes, what is working and what is not along the way. 

I have trained, coached and mentored millenials, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z throughout my career to improve their competency in the area of digital marketing. Their growth and achievement are what drives me to do what I do every day.

Also, my programme is HRDF claimable.

So, let's connect and see if I can help you maximise your marketing results within 30 days!

I'm Not Sure What Help Do I Need , Can You Help?

Sure thing. I can help you with that, click on the "Contact Me" button, fill up your details and we'll be in touch soon. 

To give you a little bit of perspective, we can do a Zoom call, WhatsApp or a meet up if it is within my capacity to travel.

I will send you a marketing health check questionnaires, simply follow along the questions and this will definitely give you clarity and also allows me to understand further and provide feedback as needed. 

This is a free strategy session, No bull, No fee, No credit card required (For now).

What Is Your Mission Actually? 

My mission is to provide a proven process and beginner friendly guide to help entrepreneurs and organisation to transform their marketing results as quickly as 30 days.

How do I do that?

By explaining it in a simple manner, that even a non marketing background person can understand and comprehend easily.

Other than that, we also provide unlimited coaching and support for our clients and their team until they're familiar with the process that we use.

As a certified HRDF trainer and a certified NLP practitioner, I have been giving talks and training on the topic of digital marketing for the past 6 years. 

My goal is to make things simple to follow and easy for you and your team to understand and implement.

Some require 1 time to set up, others may need more on-going effort to see results.

Why Are You Giving So Much Value?

My mentor once said, "The more you give, the more you receive." 

If you have been to BNI (Business Network International), which is one of the largest business networking organisation, one of it's core principle is "Givers Gain". 

I truly believe that, and I have experience it's magic myself. People will appreciate you for life when you give and help them unconditionally. 

The more positive energy, value and joy you can contribute, the more opportunity and abundance comes to you. 

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